Various Hair Cuts For Long & Straight Hair

Long and straight hair is in itself a style that does not require any other styling efforts to look different. The only thing that can make your look different is a haircut. Let us evaluate a few common and liked haircuts that suits people with long and straight hair.

Long hair has never been out of fashion and there are numerous hair styles possible in such kind of hair as they are relatively very easy to manage and handle. From the hairstyles listed here, you can choose the one that suits you the most and is easy to handle for you. Also, kindly evaluate what is best for your face and personality as long hair styles does not suit every face cut.

Basis of your decision

Never go with a haircut that looks good to you in a picture. A perfect hair style depends on your face cut, color of your hair and skin and also the texture and style that goes with your face naturally. Go with the ideas explained below instead of checking out the pictures.

Single length of hair

Since your hair is already long and straight, you can get them cut in single length and leave them open. Open long leveled hair can be styled with hair wax for easy management and can be styled anyway you want. You can either leave them open to give a uniform look or can also tie a neat pony tail.

Also, you can get them straightened with chemical treatments like the Keratin treatment although there are a few side effects of keratin hair treatment. So maybe you can opt for natural straightening ingredients.

Layered hair cut

This is one style of hair cut which is universal and can be used by women of all ages. Layered cut is the most prominently used hair style with multiple options to it. You can request for as many layers as you want suiting different face cuts and personalities.

If left open layered haircut forms a hairstyle that can be used daily. For older women too, this layered cut is beneficial as it hides some of the wrinkles and marks on your face making you look more presentable than ever.

Funky choppy style

In this hairstyle, the layers and cuts are more clearly defined that gives a happening and trendy look to your face. If you are a venturesome, you would love this haircut. Although, the disadvantage of this style is that it doesn’t suit every face cut, so you can take an advice from a hair stylist before opting for it.

Razor hair cut

This hair style has more of uneven fringes and bangs that increase the volume of your hair and can make them look funky or even trendy depending upon the way those bangs and fringes have come up.

Shape them as you want

The biggest advantage of straight and long hair is that they can be managed the way you want it. One of these techniques is that you can use curlers and get beautiful and appealing curls changing your looks completely.

Pony tail

Even ponytails with long and straight hair looks the best compared to all other hair. Straight and uniform hair makes the pony tail and the person look neat and organized and suits the formal or corporate look for women.

Maintaining long and straight and long hair

Maintenance of long and straight hair is the most challenging job ever as they have to look organized and shiny always. Depending upon the texture and type of your hair, you can choose the ideal natural products to enhance conditioning, uniformity and texture of your long hair always. Healthy and long hair would not require much styling efforts as they are already a style in itself.


People with long and straight hair often think that they have the most boring and sadistic type of hair and they cannot afford to change their look. Just by straightening your hair naturally you can leave them open or tie them half and make them and yourself amazingly presentable.

Else the above hairstyles can be a good choice to enhance or change your look and make them fresh and appealing than ever before.

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