Various Essential Oils That Helps Hair Growth

Hair is a very important part of our physiological feature that enhances our looks and appearances. That is why the quality of our hair is a prime concern for all us. We all are aware of what kind of hair oil is good for us like the coconut or Avacado Oil for Your Hair but the importance of essential oils is known to a lesser number of people. So here we shall evaluate different essential oils and their benefits to hair growth.

How true are the values offered by essential oils?

Taking the example of prominently used hair oil which is coconut oil, we all know that this oil is beneficial to the overall growth and quality of our hair but it cannot be said that it is the best. There are few essential oils that target the hair follicles and stimulate them to promote growth and quality improvement of our hair. So let us evaluate a few of those special essential oils in this article and become familiar with their benefits to pick the right one for us.

Few essential oils


For healthy hair your scalp and blood circulation should also be perfectly normal. At times you might have dry scalp that results in to itchy skin and dandruff might be the reason for all this. In order to get rid of the dandruff and itching, rosemary oil is a perfect solution. It softens your scalp and also aids in proper blood circulation resulting in normal growth of hair.

Although, it is advisable that rosemary oil should not be used by pregnant women or people who have the ailment of hypertension. In general, the rosemary hair oil can be used for all types of hair.


Often oily hair is seen to make the scalp itchy resulting in tremendous amount of hair fall. Lavender naturally possesses certain regenerative properties that aids the hair fall and helps in new growth of hair.

Lavender also acts as an anti-bacterial substance that protects your scalp from any kind of infection or even dandruff. All the properties of the lavender hair oil when combined with other essential oils produce exceptional outcomes w.r.t hair growth.

Lavender hair oils are strongly recommended for people with oily hair.


Hair loss is a very prominent issue around the world often due to damaged scalp and dry hair. Jojoba oil is known to people for many years for a natural solution for hair fall and is also a universal oil carrier when it comes to mixing hair oils and can be mixed with number of oils for favorable outcomes for stopping hair fall. Jojoba oil is often used in combination with rosemary oil as it not just acts towards reducing hair fall but the combination also produces excellent conditioning for hair.

In all, jojoba hair oil is the best remedy recommended if you have dry and damaged hair.


For healthy hair a healthy scalp is a must. Scalp offers nourishment to the hair follicles which in turn improvises and promotes hair growth. Basil hair oil is another remedy for hair treatment and growth and is often used in combination with fenugreek that enhances blood circulation near the hair tissues thereby treating the scalp and enhancing hair growth. Basil oil is full of antioxidants that fastens the hair treatment and also helps in moisturizing your dry hair and adding shine to them.

Basil oil is recommended generally for oily scalp.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is famous oil for treating all kinds of cuts or bruises or any other skin problems. That is why this oil is prominently used for scalp related problems or for dandruff issues. The reason behind such massive use of these oils is because it is highly antiseptic and anti-viral too. Tea tree oil is often combined with other oils as people have witnessed excellent solutions to hair fall and damage when combined with other oils. Since it is of medicinal value, tea tree oil is generally used for itchy scalps.


The main aim of this oil is not treating but preventing hair fall. It has been observed that using Myrrh oil increases the grip of hair roots on the scalp thereby holding them stronger. This oil could be mixed easily with any other hair oil for more benefits and is generally used for dry hair.

Brief on using essential oils

You need to mix your essential oil in carrier oil and for better mixing rub them on your hand. Once mixed, apply the oil on your scalp gently through circular motions and leave it overnight for best results.

Next day wash it off with cold water and if possible using a fragrance free shampoo.

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