Useful Information About Dry Hair

If you feel something that is very dry and rough, you wouldn’t like it, right? Likewise, when you have dried hair texture, it is never too easy to manage it and you would just want to get rid of the dryness. Well, definitely, dryness is caused to plenty a things and it is a common concern with most girls and women. In order to understand how and what leads to dryness and what best ways to get rid of it, here is a quick overview on the situation.


There could be multiple causes associated with dried hair and here are some of the common ones that will help you understand if and where you have been going wrong with your hair caring all along.

  • Lack of moisture could be the reason for dry hair and maybe the hair products you use does not generate required amount of moisture.
  • Besides this, environmental factors like sunlight, pollution, dust and other elements in your surroundings may lead to damaged hair.
  • Using chemicals incorporated products like hair color, bleach, permanent straightening etc. has such chemical formulation that may generate desired results but at the cost of losing good and healthy hair texture.
  • Sadly, some people are born with dry hair, this gets extremely difficult to cater because this is a by birth cause. But, nothing is impossible if you rely on the right set of products because some found a difference in hair texture with such conditions too.
  • Sebum deficiency could be one of the reasons for low sebaceous gland secretions, in turn results in dryness.
  • Some metabolic disorders like menkes kinky hair syndrome might be the cause to dry hair.

Treating Dry Damaged Hair

You need to watch the products, and hair treatments you opt for in order to get rid of dry damaged hair. There are plenty tips for thicker hair that cater to dryness too, and this is because some healthy, useful and natural remedies work in combination, they treat the hair in totality catering to dryness, split ends, dead hair, lean hair, dandruff etc.

Useful Tips to Manage Dry Damaged Hair

  • Hair washing- do not do it on regular basis, some people wash their hair on daily basis, which leads to stealing healthy oil secretion from your hair, which sometimes helps remove dryness. Shampooing on daily basis causes ample damage to the hair and leads to hair breakage.
  • Chemical free products- in today’s times, it is not at all difficult to find chemical free products, be it in terms of shampoo, oil or conditioners. By doing so, you are using 100% natural products that help attract required moisture to help get rid of excessive dryness.
  • Avoid Heat- one of the common causes of dryness is exposure to heat; this could be while using machines like curlers, straighteners and exposing hair to excessive sunlight.
  • Healthy Diet- what you eat influences just about everything in your body, even your hair growth and its texture. So, eat healthy nutritious food because it does make a difference.

Home Remedies

While the impacts of commercially available products can be one of the causes for dry hair, many are looking for alternatives in the form of home remedies. These remedies are easy to arrange for and just about cost effective compared to the other hair products available in the form of shampoos and conditioners.

  • Egg Mask- all you need is an egg and some skimmed milk, this adds the required protein and moisture to your hair. Apply it evenly on the scalp and hair; let it sit for 5 minutes before you wash it off.
  • Oil Therapy- you could opt for any organic oil like argan or coconut oil and massage it onto your scalp. It provides the required moisture and helps improve blood circulation for better hair growth.
  • Honey and Banana- take an overripe banana, mash it well, add honey to it and use the paste to apply on your scalp and hair. Let it sit for half hour before you wash it off, providing your hair with desired moisture.


Dry hair is very hard to manage and getting back to soft, smooth hair is possible only when you opt for the right products and right method to maintain it. Begin with getting into healthy habits for good maintenance, use natural products over market-based products and eat healthy.

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