How to Use Clippers to Cut Hair

Hair styling is a major charm to most of the stylish hair lovers. Hair is such a thing that can be given many shapes as per your cutting. There are many tools for cutting hair, but clipper is one of the smoothest options for cutting your hair with seaming ease. In this article, we will discuss about how to use clippers to cut hair. We will basically bring up the following topics:

  • How do hair clippers work?
  • How to use clippers to cut hair?
  • How to cut your own hair with clippers?

How to use hair clipper

How do hair clippers work?

We will discuss about the working state of electric hair clippers. Hair clippers were in fact launched for military people to cut their hair very fast in order to save time. Later on, it was introduced in salon for cutting hair within a very short time. It is also associated with styling the hair. So speed and style are two main aspects of using a hair clipper for your hair. We are going into further detail in order to let you know the functionality of a hair clipper.

Components of a hair clipper

Here are the components of a hair clipper which are being discussed bellow

Motor & Blade

Motor designing is the key element of a hair clipper. The motor that is used in a hair clipper plays the vital role for running the device. A piston is there that is adjoined with the motor. This piston has little, well-arranged and sharp blades.

The blades are kept in a parallel state like the teeth of a comb. The motor of a hair clipper can be operated either by battery or electricity. When the motor is run, the blades of the hair clipper start moving with parallel length.

When the blades are placed on the hair, it automatically cuts the hair in no time. Electric hair clipper has the self sharpening way of the blades, so you do not have to worry about the blades’ sharpness.

The only thing that you can do is to use some lubricants in order to run the blades smoothly. To keep the motor of a hair clipper safe, it is held inside a plastic box with the clipper.


Guards are used on top of the blades in order to achieve different styles at different times as per your wish. Guard covers some portions of the blades. There are different sizes of guards. So for gaining your desired styles, you need to attach guards to your hair clipper in order to have the style in your hair.

How to use clippers to cut hair

Using hair clippers is a fun way of cutting your hair without taking the help of a barber and you can style your hair as per your desire inside your bathroom before your bath. Just clip your hair and then take a shower, that’s it, no big deal. But you have to know how to clip your hair with a hair clipper; otherwise you will find it difficult to clip your hair while you are trying to do so. Also, there are some considerations that you will have to go for accomplishing the task of hair clipping.

Step 1

As the size of the guard determines different styling of hair cut, you should the desired guard size that you would like to use.

Step 2

It is recommended that you use the hair clipper when your hair is completely dry because wet hair may be the reason for creating rust in the blades of the clipper.

Step 3

When you are going to use the hair clipper, you should master on holding it so that you can cut your hair perfectly. Keeping the blades on the downside, hold the hair clipper. Place it on the opposite side of the growing hair. It will ensure you to grab more hair.

Step 4

You all heard the proverb slow and steady wins the race and now you will have to be slow while clipping your hair. If you go very fast, there is a high chance of getting hurt in your scalp which may lead to further dangerous issue.

Step 5

Surrounding your ears and in the back of your hair, you need to cut a fresh line so that you can clip afterwards accordingly. If you do not mark with a clean line, you will find it difficult to clip your hair properly.

Step 6

Clip on by one through different strands of your hair as to achieve the best result. Neckline and other sharp areas, cut your hair smoothly. Never be hurry as these areas need exact shaping of your hair.

Step 7

After a nice and satisfactory hair clipping, you have to take care of your hair clipper as to ensure longevity. Use a brush to bring out all the hair that is kept in the blades. Never ever use water to wash it.

How to cut your own hair with clippers?

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