Trendy Haircuts For Teens

Teens of today’s era are always piercing for trendy and stylish haircuts. This article would walk you through a few latest and trendy hairstyles. Teenage times are the times when teens look out for random and weird things to become stylish and try all sorts of looks and appearances. And why not, after all teens are the time when you start shaping yourselves and make the most of this time.

Teens have to make their impression in schools and colleges, their functions and parties looking for fashionable and modish clothes and accessories. So how can they leave hairstyles behind?

Teenagers get in to all kinds of funky and notorious hair styles to play around with their looks and are more adventurous than the adults. Keeping these thoughts, and nature of teenagers in mind, here are a few hairstyles specifically for them. Select the one you like, but before that we should also pay attention to a few helpful criteria that would aid us in selecting the best hairstyle for ourselves as you know not every hairstyle can suit you.

Your face cut

The hairstyles should be selected depending upon the face cut and shapes, so that the hairstyles bring out your features in a balanced way.

Long face

Like for a long face, never take a middle partition as it would make your face look even longer. Instead use a simpler and softer hairstyle that would ease your features and bring them out in a balance instead of enhancing the length of your face.

Square face

For square typefaces, you need a hairstyle that borders your jawline. Square faces often have wider jawlines, so in order to cover them slightly; straight hair with fringes could fit. The fringes would show the width of the jawline slightly lesser than what it actually is. Any haircut that would reduce the edges of the face would be a stylish one for teenagers with square face.

Round face

For a round face, you need to add some length through your hair so that you don’t look like a fat round face. So may be a haircut that covers head portion of your face would suit a round face. Generally for round faces, it is recommended that short hair is better for bringing out their features appropriately.

Overall personality

Haircuts decide the reflection of your overall personality. Famous hairstyles do attract teenagers, but it should be kept in mind that what looks good in images might not necessarily look good on you too. So select something that shows the real you and reflects your personality in a true sense.

A few hairstyle suggestions

Multiple layers

If you wish to add volume to your hair you could use a few essential oils that help hair growth and then cut them into multiple layers as layers add volume to your hair, especially if they are short. This is applicable especially for people who have straight hair as curly hair by nature have dense volume.


Curls are trendy for all teenagers at any point of time. Short hair and curls looks funky and suits extrovert and bold girls in particular. Curls go with all sorts of western outfit and are perfect for college environment.

Colored hair or streaks

When teenagers are looking for something funky and trendy, then how can the trend of colors be missed out. Streaks of different and bright colors are always liked by teenage girls, especially in college times.

Hair treatments

People with long and straight hair, generally go for straightening treatments or a straightening iron, but for teenagers it is recommended to opt for straightening your hair naturally as this is the time of growth of the overall body and such treatments hamper growth damaging the hair permanently.


Teenagers is one such age group for which hair stylist also have to think hard to devise new and fresh hairstyles that would attract these people. Face and personality should be enhanced by these hairstyles. That is why it becomes all the more important for teenagers to evaluate the hair styles before selecting one so that they match their overall look and help them form a strong impression.

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