Information on Side Effects of Keratin Hair Treatment

Hair straightening is one of the modish and trendy hairstyles these days especially for stylish haircuts for teenagers due to easy management of hair. This hair straightening treatment for long term straightening offers amazingly beautiful, straight and smooth hair but they definitely come with certain side effects. The side effects are such that some of these straightening chemicals have been banned in a few countries. This article is to understand why exactly the keratin treatment is harmful for us but before that we need to comprehend how this treatment is actually executed.

Keratin hair straightening treatment

This treatment is also called by the names of Brazilian Hair Treatment, Keratin Cure or Brazilian Blowout. Though it is also called as the permanent straightening method, this treatment is a non-permanent straightening of hair, whose effects lasts for two to three months only. Here all the frizzes of the hair are dismissed and the result is long, straight and smooth hair strands. The advantage of this method is that it can be done for all kinds of hair leaving only severely damaged hair as an exception.

The treatment begins with applying a keratin solution to the hair after shampooing and blow drying the hair. Once the solution is applied uniformly it is left like that for around twenty to thirty minutes for the solution to settle on the hair.

After this a straightening iron is used on the hair at a temperature of 450 degrees so that all the chemicals inside the keratin solution are absorbed in to every strand of hair. These chemicals after penetrating the hair shaft alters the structure of the hair internally resulting in long, smooth, frizz free and shiny hair and the keratin strengthens and conditions the hair for better texture.

Side effects

Hair damage

The immediate result is shiny hair but long term effects result in to damaging the hair. This shine comes due to the presence of the chemical on it, but gradually after a few washes you will see how the shine starts fading away. The degree of damage depends on the type and amount of keratin mixture used, temperature at which straightening was done, your natural texture of hair and the original health of the hair. Many people with slightly dry or damaged hair feel their hair even more damaged after getting this treatment while few have experienced shiny and smooth hair even after six to eight months.

For better health management you could use avocado oil for your hair so that your hair has strength to bare such chemicals without damaging.

Hair fall

Continuing with the damage of hair texture, the damage could also be in terms of hair thinning, weak roots and ultimately hair fall. Many people have experience this problem, although the exact reason behind this is still not clear to anyone. People project that the main reason behind the drastic hair fall could be the high temperatures used while hair straightening treatment.

Cancer causing elements

Formaldehyde, also known as Formol, Formalin, Methanal, Methyl aldehyde orMethylene glycol is one of the components present in the keratin solution which is a known cancer causing element but is required to mix and bond other chemicals to form a structure in the keratin mixture.  Since this element is used in smaller quantities in many cosmetics, it is not considered dangerous until used in limit, but the high temperatures while hair straightening results in fumes of formaldehyde which are even more dangerous than being applied on hair directly. It can cause irritation and itching on the skin and scalp thereby weakening the roots and hence the quality and life of hair eventually resulting in cancer.

Harmful reactions

The chemicals used in this treatment might cause harmful skin ailments if you are allergic to even one of those chemicals resulting in dry skins, itching or even eczema. Other side effects could be irritation in sensory organs and even respiration systems, severe headache or even dermatitis.

Banned treatments

There are many countries where this treatment is banned because even after being warned, the authorized agencies have found levels of Formaldehyde more than the threshold levels that could be dangerous.

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