How Hair Growth Is Affected By Prenatal Vitamins

Hair growth through prenatal vitamins has always been debated. The fact is that no formal studies are yet conducted for testing the benefits through these vitamins in healthy hairs. However, the positive effects of these vitamins have been experienced by many women. Women who used prenatal vitamins for their hair reported increase in their overall length of hair at the time of pregnancy. Before knowing more about the part that these supplements play for hair growth, it is vital to collect some basic knowledge about these things.

What are prenatal vitamins?

Prenatal vitamins are a mixture of a few multiple vitamins and for fulfilling the needs of pregnant women. A few major components that you get through these vitamins are iron, folic acid and calcium. With most prenatal vitamins, you would find greater folic acid amounts and calcium too. Folic acid has been tested in a lot of studies and has proven to help in better hair growth. Some of us hypothesize that the folic acid increases prenatal vitamins that are a cause of hair growth.

According to some people folic acid would work well for providing assistance in the development of new blood cells. On other hand we’ve got calcium which is good for different things but especially remains efficient in bone strengthening and according to some it plays a great role for maintenance of a healthy and good looking scalp.

Components of prenatal vitamins

So our basic question of discussion is that “Does a prenatal vitamin provide better growth for hair?” With the availability of enough data already present on the internet, you can consider a try and check whether it works for you or not?

Folic Acid – It is noted that folic acid would provide a great contribution for growth in hair. Different hypothesis are provided for supporting the role of folic acid for growth of hair. Moreover, there are various products available in the market that consists of folic acid as a vital component. Thus by far, folic acid is known as an essential element for getting hair growth.

Calcium – Calcium is another component that you’ll readily find in prenatal vitamins. The benefits of calcium for hair are not well known, but it also leads to hair growth and helps to build strong bones. Talking about hair, calcium is effective for maintaining a healthy and shining scalp.

Other measures

Also, there are various other tips for getting better hair growth in addition to using prenatal vitamins. Some best things you can do for your hair are:

Massage: Frequently and lightly massage your scalp with gentle caressing motion through your fingers. This also does great wonders for opening up your hair follicles.

Diet: Your diet must be well balanced with meals consumed between 2 to 3 hours daily and this helps in great ways for providing you with all the essential vitamins and minerals that are needed for replenishing your hair.

Other things affecting hair growth

In the cycle of hair growth all hair follicles basically go through three stages which are growth, rest, and shedding. So right now, around 90 percent of your hair follicles are going through the growth phase, which would last for around 2 to 6 years. This would mean you’ve got a 6 year phase of growth. Your hair would generally appear much longer than a person with a growth phase of 2 year.

There are various things that would happen between pregnancy, such as hormone rush. Even the hair which is about to fall would get lock at its growth cycle. As a result your hair would appear much thicker and longer. However, prenatal vitamins also have an essential role for growth and development of hair.

So the basic conclusion here would be to not only depend on prenatal vitamins for getting hair growth. Additionally, you could also add exercise to your daily routine and incorporate healthy eating habits for a healthy hair. Alcohol and tobacco must be avoided and you should consume plenty of water, eat green vegetables and fruits. A protein rich diet is also recommendable for getting better hair growth and a healthy scalp. Stress levels must be kept down as this can cause thinning of hair.

All these measures combined with good quality products containing prenatal vitamins and other essential elements can trigger better hair growth and provide all the necessary help to fight hair fall and other scalp issues.

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