Helpful and Healthy Tips for Thicker Hair

Beauty and hair go hand in hand. While we work hard towards making our face look pretty, most women wish for long, thick and luscious hair too. Which woman wouldn’t want thicker, shinier hair? Though we all desire to have long, thick hair, but unfortunately is it not so easy in the current times. Some people tend to have lean hair because of the lifestyle they maintain while a few percentage of them suffer due to genetic concerns. However, there are some helpful tips for thicker hair, read below to find some useful information about dry hair.

Eating Habits

When it comes to staying healthy, including having healthy hair, you need to watch what you eat. Your eating habits have an impact on every part of your body including your hair. It is vital to include nutritious and balanced diet in your lifestyle. Your diet should have good amount of fats, calcium, vitamins, fibers, proteins, iron, etc. Try to avoid fatty, processed, packaged and oily foods. If you rely on fast food, avoid it and as much and start using home cooked food.


It is always helpful to rely on massage therapy. A good head massage is all you need, and you don’t have to do it every day, instead a once a week massaging is all you need. All you need is a good quality oil, coconut oil, mustard oil or even almond oil. Though markets have plenty options to offer, try opting for organic oil, as it is free of all chemicals and other harmful ingredients.

Take little quantity of oil; apply it on your scalp and hair. Use your fingertips to massage it nice and slowly. Post this, take a towel dipped in hot water, and wrap it around your head for at least half an hour. Later, shampoo your hair as usual, this will enhance the blood circulation and lead to strong hair growth.

Shampoos and Conditioners

We all rely on shampoos and conditioners to give the much-needed treatment to our hair. However, what is vital is that you need to opt for the right kind of shampoo and conditioner. These products are designed to clean the hair and remove the dirt from the scalp, which could be the cause for hair breakage. Look for herbal shampoos instead of the regular ones because they have high chemical content. Alternatively, you can opt for natural options like yogurt, hair masks etc.

Say No to Stress

There is nothing surprising about the fact that many are experiencing stress. For some it could be personal stress, while others might experience it on a professional ground. In either case, many are being caught in the stress web, which in turn affects them immensely and also leads to hair loss. To avoid hair loss, especially due to stress, make necessary changes in your lifestyle. Start by saying no to stress, indulge in yoga, meditation and a good 8 hours of sleep, all this combined together makes a great deal of difference.


When you have dry damaged hair, it could also be because of lack of maintenance. Many a times, women do not pay enough heed to proper maintenance, which includes proper brushing or combing and a good trim at regular intervals. While brushing/combing is important, you shouldn’t do so when the hair is wet; rather wait until it naturally dries a little bit. Trimming on the other hand is vital because it takes care of dead hair and split ends, which helps you to get rid of dead hair, make way for new and strong hair to grow.

Homemade Masks

You can seek plenty benefits from using homemade masks over any chemical treatment that many saloons offer. Internet is filled with umpteen homemade recipes; you can choose different options based on the availability of the ingredients.


Many experience hair fall and lack of thicker hair because of common mistakes. Improper combing, using harmful hair products, chemical treatments etc. can be among the common causes. You could also opt for healthy alternatives like homebased masks, herbal shampoos etc. As long as you avoid the harmful products, eat healthy and do not stress, you are most likely going to have thicker hair growth.

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