10 Hairstyles for chubby faces Women

Hairstyle is a great passion for many women, and they love to style their hair when they get time. We know that, and for this reason today, we have come with some extra-ordinary hairstyles for chubby faces.
You’re now going to have great ideas for your next hairstyle from the following 10 hairstyles.

1. Bob

Bob cut is not only popular in current decades, but it has a long fabulous history in women hairstyle. Many a time, you may encounter chubby faced women with a bob hairstyle. This is because bob hairstyle can grab attention from both the jaw line and chin line. You should stitch your hair through the chin line for better look if you’re a chubby faced woman.

Bob cut

Image credit: pophaircuts.com

2. Curl Your Hair

This hairstyle is just opposite to straight hairstyle, and you might dislike the style. But you’ll have to think twice before going for any hairstyle whether this style will match with your face or not. As said before, chubby face doesn’t go with straight hair. Better you make your hairstyle a bit curly. This will give your face enough room for setting with the hairstyle.

3.Pixie Haircut

Long hair may be a cause of great care to you, and you may want to avoid this great care! Don’t worry as Pixie haircut is perfect for you if you want to work all day long without wanting to give little care to your hair. Yes, with this hairstyle, you see some Hollywood heroines are passing their life. So why not you? Try and love the style.

pixie haircut

Image credit: www.herinterest.com

4. Sleek Ponytails.

This is another great hairstyle that is prevalent in almost all recent past decades. This is a popular style among young girls, and this hairstyle needs little care to manage. All the hair tips are combined together and tied up with a band in the initial length of hair. It can really give you a wow feeling with this hairstyle.

Sleek Ponytails

Image credit: hairstylesweekly.com

5.Short Hair

Short hair might be very comfortable to you and in the summer, you can wear this hairstyle. The ground facing wavy tips of hair give a perfect look to chubby faced women. Your hair will play when there’s wind and stop waving when there’s no wind. So if you go to sea beach with this hairstyle, you’ll be in a playing mode all the time.

Image credit: herinterest.com

Image credit: herinterest.com

6. High Buns

High buns for your hair will be perfect when you’re intending to participate in a formal party. It’s very decent style for photo shooting, and this is the reason you see many stars come with this hairstyle at the time of photo shoot or formal occasions. So this hairstyle is obviously not for day to day style for your hair.

High buns

7.Long Locks

This hairstyle has little difference from the short hairstyle except the length of hair. Apart from many short hairstyles for chubby face, the hair is kept a bit longer in this hairstyle. But we have picked this style as the hair length can’t be considered long or even you can cut your hair at short length if you prefer short hair.

long locks

8. Half Up Do

You can use this hairstyle both for long or short hair, so if you’re going to give this style in your short hair, you can. Your chubby face will be more gorgeous than before with this beautiful hairstyle.


9. Sweeping Bangs

This fashionable hairstyle can easily stand out you from the crowd. The aesthetic style of this haircut is way too trendy that you can feel whopping eye-catching from your peers. The style shown in the picture is with an eye folded, but you can give a little bit different shape to take the hair up from the eye.

sweeping bangs

10. Mix Up Your Layers

This is absolutely a top pick from many short hair styles for chubby face. The hair is cut at different length in different layers. So the difference of layers of hair can be easily noticed.

These are some hairstyle for chubby faced women. You can try any of these styles if you have a pretty chubby face. So go ahead and pick the perfect hairstyle for you. Hope you’ll be happy and looking more beautiful than before.

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