Better & Healthy Hair – Kitchen Remedies

For most of us providing the best look to our hair is the most vital part of our overall personality. Taking essential care of our hair has nowadays become a ritual for men and women. With more and more growth in cosmetic industry we are starting to notice a major rise in the production of hair fall and strengthening products for men and women. Many of us might think that only women generally provide care and treatment to their hair, but nowadays this isn’t the case.

According to many studies, both men and women nowadays provide essential care to their hair. So if you’re one of those who love long hair and instead of spending money on hair product you need to nourish them naturally, we’ve got some tips for you. With these simple tips for caring your black hair you’ll grow beautiful and strong hair in no time. Try these things which are commonly found in the house kitchen and you’ll start to notice further improvements.

Olive Oil

You might have guessed and yes, olive is among the most efficient hair remedies that can be tried for appropriate hair growth. Nowadays, olive has become renowned due to its quick accessibility. Most of the households have a bottle of olive oil in their kitchen. You can find one easily in a multi store or a grocery. Not only get improvement in the scalp’s condition, but also get reduction in hair loss.

So after hair wash, you need to apply a few drops of olive oil on your scalp and you’ll begin to notice the difference soon.

Egg Yolk

Before you shower and wash your hair, you can pick out an egg yolk and apply on your scalp. Now gently massage it for about 40 to 45 minutes or for an hour. Doing this not only soothes the day’s tension from your scalp, but also provides you with a great feeling of relaxation. The remedy can be performed 2 to 3 times in a week.

Rosemary leaves

Using rosemary leaves for your hair is among the most renowned home remedies when considering hair growth and strengthening. So basically the remedy is to boil rosemary leaves in water and later on drain out the remaining liquid solution inside a container. This solution can be used for washing your hair while you’re taking bath. For extreme hair care some people also put the solution inside the spray container and spray it after they wake in the morning.

Red Henna

Red henna is a home remedy which is known to be effective since many years. Lots of people make use of Red Henna for their hair. The basic remedies is to apply red henna on your scalp and then massage it for about fifteen to twenty minutes and leave it for around an hour to two to get maximum benefits. Now you can wash it off in the shower. You can wash it off again if you’re still noticing red color on your hair.


Many people also use fenugreek as a natural remedy for hair growth and nourishment. You can boil fenugreek in water overnight and also in the morning, now you need to apply the solution on your scalp. Now leave it on your head for a few hours and it is better to wrap a towel around your head to prevent the solution from evaporation. Now you can remove towel and wash your hair.

Homemade solution

One homemade remedy that you can use to nourish your hair efficiently is to make a mixture of olive oil, lemons, egg yolk and mustard seeds. You will soon notice improvement in your hair after you combine them. You need to apply this solution on your hair and leave it for an hour before you rinse it.

For providing shine to your dull hair, you can also make use of the combination of lemon juice and honey while rising after you shampooed your hair. You don’t need to wash out the solution instead let it dry and comb briskly.

With the right treatment for your hair you can simply prevent hair loss from occurring and can get good growth in hair too. Glycerin used for hair can also lead to significant improvements.These homemade kitchen remedies are proven to be effective for all hair types and keep your hair in optimum condition.

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