Argan Or Coconut Oil — Find Out Which Is Better For Your Hair

We know that oil application for hair growth is very helpful and generates effective results. But, what many of us are confused about is what kind of oil to use. As we know, many kinds of oil vouch to be good for hair and its related problems. The common query is related to using coconut or argan oil, and being able to pick the best of the two. Keeping in mind such concerns, here is an overview on both the oils, so that you get to decide which one is better for you.

Quick Facts

For all the facts lovers, they would be delighted to know that coconut trees go onto survive for more than 100 years, whereas argan trees survive from a period of 125-450 years. Both are valuable assets to our environment that can generate plenty benefits for not just hair but skin as well.

While Moroccan families work towards processing argan oil, some countries have people train the monkeys to pull out the coconuts from the trees. Argan oil is produced from argan tree kernels in native morocco. On the other hand, coconut oil is extracted from matured, fresh coconuts, mostly of the kind that that is grown near warm seas mostly in tropical region.

Differences and Similarities

Between both the options, there are plenty similarities and some significant differences. For instances, both the oils are natural oils displaying similar properties. However, the chemical compositions, ways of preparations, costs to process it and uses may be different and varying. Moreover, the quality, aroma, shelf life and color depends on how they are processed using the different techniques.

How common are they?

Argan oil has been use for centuries together and ever since then they are gained immense popularity. Many hair products claim to use argan oil to generate healthy benefits to hair, and experts recommend people using such oil for healthy hair. Many who complained about bad hair texture and poor growth, expert stylists place their clients on such oil treatments before giving them suitable haircuts, especially for stylish haircuts for teenagers.

On the other hand, coconut oil is also a very popular option used across the globe. This oil is not just used for hair but for plenty other purposes too. Compared to argan oil, coconut oil is easily available on the markets.

Processing of Both the Oils

While coconut oil is easy to process, only matter of using dried coconut to get refined quality of oil. On the other hand, argan oil comes from sun dried argan nuts by removing the flesh. Indeed this is a more laborious task, and time-consuming process.


coconut oil is relatively inexpensive and easily available. However, with argan oil, the traditional method itself is time consuming and cumbersome, and is available only in a few parts of the world. So, with not so easy availability, the pricing is also a bit higher than the other oil.

Shelf Life

When we speak of the shelf life, it depends mostly on the quality of oil and the extraction method. Also, the ingredients should be of good quality, so if the quality of coconut and argan nuts is not up to the mark, it probably wouldn’t generate a good quality product, at least not something to last long.


Both the oils have their significant colors; coconut oil will look like anything from off white to pale yellow. Whereas, the argan oil is all about light golden color.


Argan oil has no distinctive smell, just a natural scent. But, coconut oil comes with a distinctive smell, which may vary based on the method of extraction and processing.


  • Both these oils have moisturizing as well as nourishing agents as they have enough vitamin E and K in it.
  • Both these oils get into the hair follicles and stimulate good hair growth.
  • While argan oil displays anti-aging properties, coconut oil is all about owning multiple anti-oxidant properties.
  • Argan oil is rick in anti-microbial agents that help get rid of acne, eczema, psoriasis; scars etc. coconut oil is not just antiviral but antifungal and antibacterial too.
  • For haircuts for long & straight hair, experts use products with argan oil to give the required moisture to the hair and help get the desired outcome.


Both argan and coconut oil are good for skin and hair. As long as you opt for natural oils, i.e. the virgin and organic form, you are bound to benefit immensely with it. It would be hard to suggest one kind of oil being better than the other, as both are equally good. It all comes down to personal preferences and consideration to other aspects like pricing, availability etc.

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